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FYJ-C Slitter Scorer (Robot Tool setup)


  • Slitting blade has upper locating and lower locating configuration, no blade inventory.
  • Modular design of 3 scoring stations (point to point, male to female, male to flat), enable up to three scoring profiles, automatic switchover between scoring profiles by program.
  •  Able to realize “0” scoring;motorized scoring gap adjustment, digital readout.
  •  Servo motor and ball screw drive the trolley for tool set up with high precision and high energy-efficiency.
  •  Independent lifting and lowering of slitting blades and scoring heads, combination of double slitter scorers and production management system can realize non-stop automatic order change at dry end.
  •  Motorized lateral adjustment for the whole machine to meet web deviation; cut useless sheet edge with low waste.
  •  Main motor controlled by transducer, auto speed synchronization with corrugator.
  •  HMI displays various information and provides easy operation.
  •  Auto/manual order change and order management available. System repair function available. 3rd party software interface.

    Technical Data
  • Design speed: 350m/min
  • Slitting width: Min. 180mm
  • Scoring width: Min. 0mm
  • Tool setup precision: ±0.5mm
  • Tool set-up time: 10-15s