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Corrugators Complete

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  • YWZJ-C Mill Roll Stand

    Features:Manufactured under license using USA Langston technology.Sym..

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    更多>>Pre-heater (Pre-conditioner)

  • YR(T)B Pre-heater (Pre-conditioner)

    New model YR(T)B pre-heater pre-conditioner device, not only sa..

  • 更多>>Single Facer

  • DWH Single Facer (From Langston Technology)

    This is a kind of the corrugating machine which can display its value perfectly in the efficient corrugated bo

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  • SJH Glue Machine

    FeaturesIndividual frequency conversion drive system for each stack...

  • 更多>>Double Facer

  • ZHF Double Facer

    New model double facer designed for high speed and good quality ..

  • 更多>>Rotary Shear

  • QDL-D Rotary Shear

    FeaturesKnife bars driven by bevel gears which features high hardn..

  • 更多>>Slitter Scorer

  • ZFY-A Slitter Scorer

    FeaturesMotorized drive for both upper and lower precision ball lead screws, ensuring synchronization o

  • 更多>>Cut-off

  • HQG Cut-off

    FeaturesDual servo knife bar motors and precise transmission ensure..

  • 更多>>Stacker

  • DML Stacker

    FeaturesAutomatic lifting, lowering, stacking, lateral output of she..

  • 更多>>Other Machines

  • ZDZJ-II Automatic Glue Kitchen

    Technical DataCapacity: 1.65t (each time)Steam pressure: 0.8~1MPaGlue making time: ≈30min