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R & D

National Technical Center

       J.S. Corrugating Machinery Co., Ltd. (J.S. Machine) has built the enterprise technology center since 1998; In March 1999, J.S. Machine technology center was certificated as a state-level enterprise technology center by the four ministries the State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Taxation Administration, the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of Customs and so on.



Since 2003, J.S. has increased the investment for the technology importation, technological innovation, technology digestion and the development of new products, the new products has made a market contribution rate with more than 30% every year. J.S. Machine technology center actively seek innovative ways to improve their technical level and management level.
J.S. has a whole complete experiment, testing equipments for the technology center, high-end scientific equipments such as image measuring instrument, double intelligent detection system, direct reading spectrometer, rigid dynamic balancing machine, three coordinate precision detector and so on .
 Till now, technical center has more than 20 state council allowance expert, foreign expert, provincial expert, masters and doctors. Technology center has 15 invention patents, more than 50 utility new model patents. 

 Technical Director: George Robert Mills(from USA)


  • Former CEO of American Langston who has 35 years' industry experience
  • Registered as a Professional Engineer in Canada
  • ASME expert
  • Registered as a foreign expert in China

  • J.S. Machine develops over 20 projects every year. Right now, J.S. Machine has 28 invention patents and 152 practical patents. 


    Technology Innovation

    Each research project should be based on market analysis, feasibility analysis and risk analysis. A new product should pass through design review, fundamental research, function testing, and sample testing to ensure success.
    J.S. Machine cooperates with universities of HUST (Hashing University of Science and Technology), NUEPLA (Naval University of Engineering) and Hubei University of Technology. In 2013, J.S. Machine established Research Institute of JingShan Hubei Hubei University of Technology, which is dedicated into innovation of packaging industry. 

                                        Feasibility Analysis and Design Review 

                                              Fundamental Testing 

                                         Sample Testing and Acceptance

                                             Cooperate with University